High Performance, Easy to Deploy, Easy to Manage                                                                                       The Alien ALR-9900 Enterprise Reader enables users to deploy manageable, robust, best-in-class EPC Gen 2 RFID solutions for supply chain, manufacturing and asset management applications. The result is highly reliable, automatic data capture.

Interoperable and Broadly Supported                                                                                                             Alien pioneered the network-ready EPC RFID reader with the widely-supported Alien Reader Protocol. The ALR-9900 is supported by key RFID platforms including Microsoft BizTalk RFID, IBM WebSphere 6.0, Oat Systems, Oracle, GlobeRanger, BEA and many others. Proven support for SAP through 3rd-party middleware is also available. A well-documented SDK featuring .NET and Java libraries enables easy, custom interfaces to control the reader if desired.

Backward Compatible for Easy Integration                                                                                                    

The Alien Reader Protocol features Autonomous Mode, a programmable state machine that enables the reader to operate independently based on external I/O triggers, timing or software inputs. This flexible system leads to best-in-class read rates by enabling users to precisely control the parameters for timing, protocols, antenna usage and other critical variables without network latency.

The ALR-9900 is backward compatible and interchangeable with previous Alien readers such as the popular ALR-9800 and ALR-9780, ensuring easy transition.

Monostatic Simplicity                                                                                                                                     

The ALR-9900 provides the added simplicity of a monostatic antenna topology, which provides a smaller footprint and easier integration for certain applications such as small item tagging. Only one antenna per read point is required, reducing system cost and complexity. A proprietary, active, noise cancellation mechanism ensures high read rates from the monostatic antenna system.

Power and LAN Failsafe Mechanisms Protect Data                                                                                         The loss of power or LAN connectivity does not lead to the loss of critical tag data. The ALR-9900 caches tag lists in non-volatile memory, preserving data even in the event of a power loss. When operating in Autonomous Mode, the reader will continue to collect tag data even if the LAN connection is interrupted.

Interference Management                                                                                                                               The ALR-9900 offers several methods for interference mitigation that provide a powerful solution to the challenge of noisy environments.

Good Citizen: EPC Gen 2 Dense Reader Mode
The ALR-9900 is compliant with the EPC Gen 2 Dense Interrogator specification, which reduces interference impact on other readers.

Strong Filtering for Interference Rejection
The powerful, dynamically adjustable signal processing architecture of the ALR-9900 ensures strong interference rejection in the presence of other readers or devices.

Event-triggered operation and Autonomous Mode
The Autonomous Mode functionality of the Alien Reader Protocol enables the reader to collect tag data when triggered by external events detected by electric eyes and other sensors. In this mode, readers are activated only when needed, thereby reducing the ambient signal level.

High Performance, Easy to Deploy, Easy to Manage                                                                                       The Alien ALR-9900 Enterprise RFID Reader enables users to deploy manageable, robust, best-in-class RFID thanks to:

  • A flexible API with broad software support
  • A high performance radio
  • Data protection
  • Robust dense reader interference management
Ray Kao,
2010年3月27日 上午9:04