The Alien ALR-9800 is the RFID reader based on the Alien Enterprise RFID Platform, designed from the ground up for EPC Class 1 Gen 2 compliance. The ALR-9800 sets new standards for RFID readers through its:

  • Enterprise-scalable architecture
  • Highest performance read capability
  • Superior dense reader management

The result is a new-generation reader ideal for efficient implementation of RFID on a small or large scale with high level performance, lower initial and ongoing costs, and accelerated return-on-investment (ROI).

Enterprise-ready                                                                                                                                              The ALR-9800 is designed for scalable, streamlined, easy-to-manage data collection with a low total cost-of-ownership across any number of installed units. Implementation costs are kept low through the reader's simplified configuration and through its integrated industrial-class general purpose I/O capability that eliminates the need for costly external programmable logic controllers. Powerful remote monitoring and management functionality, including SNMP support, reduces ongoing costs of ownership while a ruggedized physical design ensures reliable, low-maintenance operation in demanding environments.

Highest Read/Write Across Multiple Protocols                                                                                                
The ALR-9800 supports all current EPC protocols, including Class 1 Gen 2 and Class 0/0+, with virtually no switching latency between protocols. Ultra-high read rates are supported across all protocols, making the ALR-9800 an ideal solution for demanding mixed population applications such as high-speed conveyors. The ALR-9800 combines high sensitivity with low cost through its advanced "multistatic" antenna design, whereby each antenna transmits and receives in turn. This enables the ALR-9800 to deliver exceptional conveyor and dock door results using only half the number of antennas required by most other readers.

Enhanced Reader Coordination                                                                                                                     
The ALR-9800 is compliant with the Gen 2 specification for Single, Dense and Multiple Reader modes. Dense Reader mode enables the ALR-9800 to make efficient use of the available RF spectrum when large numbers of readers operate in the same space. The ALR-9800 also employs a broadband listen-before-talk capability to avoid interference with close proximity readers, and leverages its general purpose I/O capability to reduce the on-time of each reader and thus enable larger numbers to co-exist in the same facility.

Ray Kao,
2010年3月27日 上午8:52